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I am very pleased with my experience at College Street Family Dental. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I appreciated their follow up and reminders on appointments dates. Thank you for entire staff.

- Bhavani C.

Such a friendly, casual staff! I hate going to the dentist, but they definitely make it tolerable.

- Adam G.

It is the best dental service ever had especially with The Doctor. Your dental concerns are very well attended to and carefully taken cared of up to when when you can proudly show a wide grin of your smile. Appointments are also well coordinated and met with the great effort done by the beautiful ladies at the counter and of course it suffice to say the courteous helps from the assistants. Finally, I highly commend this Dental office more than five stars.

Read More - Loreto M.

I first took my father to college street dental for an exam this is the first time we were there. After I saw the great and excellent customer service from supporting staff, doctors and hygienist I've also became a patient. College street dental also has great payment plan, plenty of free parking and clean facility convenient to shops and restaurants. I'm very happy with college street dental.??????

Read More - Marco T.

Everyone there is great! Friendly staff and clean facility! My kids felt like they were welcomed. In the past we have gone with other dental offices and they are rude and not willing to work with you if you can't afford the procedures. They are great!

- Arlene L.

I love College Street Dental.. Dr Han, is nmpeccable. He is good at what he does. The staff is so very nice as well.

- Rea C.

My experience at College Street Dental has always been superb. I recommend Dr. Han to anyone who wants professional service. He is knowledgeable, patient and a great listener. His work is impeccable!

- Ahee H.

Very friendly, personal, communicated everything, had good humor to keep your mind off what they were doing. Would highly recommend

- Teresa O.

Excellence all around! First time I left a dentist feeling very satisfied.

- Jorge M.

Highly recommended dentist office. Staff very patient and friendly. Dentist Han is very attentive to patients needs and really take the time to listen, which is a very good quality. Wow factor for College Street Dentist!!

- John H.

Dr. Han is an excellent dentist. My dental check-ups are always pleasant, and I feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this clinic.

- Catherine F.

Dr. Han is an excellent dentist. My family and I have been going to College Street Family Dental for years, and we are treated like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Han and his staff!

- Alicia K.

I am a new patient to College Street Dental and they have been very helpful. The office staff is very professional and friendly, and the dentist is very nice.

- Jessica S.

I am having pain & sensitivity of one of my cap since it was done the first time with my other dentist, coz of insurance issues I was not able to go back & have it fix, I got referred to Dr. Han's office & have a consultation, he told me that the cap that was on there was made big that's causes the pain & super sensitive, he fixed it & now I don't have the problem anymore. Thank you to Dr. Han for fixing it for me. I was impressed of their high tech equipment, the staff were nice & friendly, I have billing issues, but they took care of it right away to my satisfaction. I would like to recommend this clinic to somebody.

Read More - Emily A.

Friendly helpful Staff. Dr. Han is very patient and caring.Been patient for 18 years .

- Bertha A.

I had a crown as well as a cap added to my left and right molars and they have lasted for several years w/o any problems. Dr Han made sure to use the high quality stuff so they wouldn't crack.

I really hate going to the dentist. I actually fear it more than surgery on any other part of my body! I'm actually in a slight state of anxiety combined w/ depression before I go to any dentist because I just hate pain, even the smallest amount of pain because my teeth are very sensitive. When Dr Han did my crown, he had to grind away some of my tooth and just the sound of the drill freaks me out. Thankfully though, he made sure that he took his time and let the pain killers take effect. He made sure that I had no pain whatsoever - smooth sailing. And after it was all over, the following several weeks, there were no residual pain.

Honestly speaking, I still am a little nervous to go to the dentist but I can relax knowing that Dr Han's going to take care of me. Also, a bonus was that he has a good bedside manner.

Read More - Dixon K.

I've had a recurring headache for a month. I tried different things from pain meds to acupressure. Many of them offer some temporary relief but nothing really "fixed" me. I never felt healed. I almost gave up.

Thinking perhaps I might need a root canal, my friend introduced me to Dr. Han. This team is just about the nicest group ever which helped with my fear of going to the dentist. Their high tech equipment impressed me! Dr. Han kindly gave me a consultation and helped me understand that my headache problems are caused from some stress jaw clenching issues. He also showed me a video educating me on the options I have as well as some techniques I can do at home to help with the clenching.

Dr. Han also gave me a thorough cleaning and Dr. Sharon did my fillings in record time with no pain whatsoever!

Now, after a month of heeding Dr. Han's advice, I feel a lot better. Not only are my symptoms relieved, I feel well. I didn't realize how much I was stressed. It has been so long that I simply forgot about what it is like to feel well. I would like to offer my deepest thanks to Dr. Han and his team. It's wonderful to feel great again!

Read More - Virginia T.

I wanna say this dentist clinic is really comfortable, I've had some jobs done here before and the whole staff here have being kindly. Today I just had a few crowns job done and I'm so pleased that I would like to recommend this clinic to all of you.

- Luis I.

Great at completing all my work. Friendly staff

- Thomas M.

Great at helping me complete all my work. Efficient and personable.

- Amber S.

This is a wonderful office, the people are great and so is my Dr. and I love my new teeth.

- maria t.

Dental work is my phobia!!! the dentist was fast and the work was painless!!! thank you soooo much!

- oscar o.

Great and fast experience

Victoria G.

Highly recommended dentist office. Staff very patient and friendly. Dentist Han is very attentive to patients needs and really take the time to listen, which is a very good quality. wow factor for College Street Dentist!!!

- Alice T.

great staff and outstanding work. Thank you so much for taking good care of me.

- greg d.

Thank you for being welcoming. It was my first time getting a route canal and the experience was good. look forward to future appointments.

- jefrey k.

I have been coming to this office for aboout 5 years. The staff is always friendly and courteous. The Dr.s are very gentle. I appreciate this since I get really nervous going to the dentist. I recommend this office to all my family and friends


Dentist and all the front desk people are wonderful. I would recommend this dentist to everyone. Iam very satisfied and happy with my new smile.

-Patricia Reynolds

I am a new patient to College ?Street Dental. They have been very helpful and forth coming with what I required. The office staff is very professional and friendly.

-Lisa Gria

I have had a really nice experience at College Street Dental, the Doctors, Office employees are very nice and helpful. I would recommend this Dental Office to friends and Coworkers.

-Cheryl Brinko

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