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Even the healthiest individuals occasionally experience problems, specifically in the mouth. Oral pathology assists us in determining the causes of any pain, bleeding, or strange symptoms you may be experiencing in your mouth. Oral pathology is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions affecting your teeth, gums, bones, joints, glands, skin, muscles, and surrounding soft tissues. Through microscopic, biochemical, radiographic, and other in-office investigations, oral health issues are diagnosed. Oral pathologists in Covina, CA at College Street Dental perform biopsies for dentists and provide clinical diagnoses based on their results.

Oral Illnesses

Poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, problematic alcohol use, an unhealthy diet, and socioeconomic variables are all risk factors for oral illnesses. Any of them, when added to your individual risk factors, can lead to poor oral health.

The following are the primary types of oral diseases:

Pain: Your mouth, jaw, and neck may experience pain for a variety of reasons.

Infections: Fungi, bacteria, and viruses all have the potential to cause infections.

Cancer: A discolored tongue or gums, open wounds, or tumors in the mouth or throat are all indications of cancer.

Cavities: Also called Dental caries, cavities cause tooth rotting and associated issues.

Gum disease: An infection and inflammation of the gums that is common yet curable.

Tooth Loss: Several oral illnesses can lead to tooth loss. In addition to providing treatment, you can discuss tooth replacement options with your dentist.

An oral problem is anything that inhibits you from speaking, smiling, chewing, or swallowing comfortably. Even though accidents and injuries are not diseases, they can nonetheless be damaging to your oral health.

If you're experiencing oral health issues and aren't sure why, we'd love to help you figure it out by using advanced oral pathology technologies.

Did your doctor recommend an oral pathology exam to you? Call College Street Dental in Covina, CA right away to schedule an appointment! 

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